On Repeat: Hanni El Khatib, “Moonlight”

I first discovered Hanni El Khatib when my friend Cristina Black mentioned she was interviewing him for LA Weekly a coupla years ago. I hadn’t heard any of his music at that point, but one glance at his photo and I immediately thought he looked some type of hipster cholo: cool, badass, a little scary, a little aloof.

Fast forward two years and dude’s got a new album out now that I am soooo into. It’s bluesy rock n’ roll infused with indie sensibilities. I love his voice, which kinda reminds me of Axl Rose – especially on my current favorite track, “Melt Me.” But really, when it comes down to it, he’s got a vibe that makes me think he’s so much cooler than I am, and that’s what makes me listen to his songs. If given the chance, I would love to hang with him. Preferably, we’d talk about hair products and cruise around in a Chevy Impala at night down Whittier Boulevard while making bitches jealous.

Here’s the video for his new single, “Moonlight”. Watch for the nail polish scene, in which he steals my heart because, duh, nail polish.

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2015, the Year I Refuse to Cut My Hair

I’m obsessed with my hair. That ain’t no secret.

I can – and do – talk about it for days on end: what I should and shouldn’t do with it, how damaged or healthy it looks, whether I should cut it or not, maybe I need a new color… And after I’m done talking about it, I take action.

When most people say they just got a haircut, it’s usually really not all that noticeable. They maybe cleaned up their style, got it thinned out, or re-did their layers. If I tell you I got a haircut, you’re going to notice. I’ll chop off half of it, dye it bright purple, and put in some bangs.
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OMG, My Site Totally Killed Itself.

Okay, okay, so I know you’re probably thinking, “Am I being punk’d? Where did Bren’s site go? Where’s that super awesome post about her absolute hatred for peplum? It was just here a minute month ago.”

Prepare yourself for a Level 10 Freakout. Cancel all plans, apply waterproof mascara, and make yourself a stiff drink.

Apparently, my blog straight up killed itself. I installed a new layout that had (and still has) some serious bugs, and then my server went down for a couple of days. During this time, the database “accidentally” purged itself. I tried restoring it a couple of times to no avail – it was nowhere to be found, and all the backups I have are on my old laptop… you know, the one on the floor in the corner of my bedroom that hasn’t turned on in over a month.

So, for right now, there’s just nothing here. Years of content chillin’ somewhere in the ether.


I know, right? So while I try to fix whatever the hell just happened, you’ll have to chill out and read some other blogs for awhile. I did consider just chucking it and ditching blogging, which I did for awhile, but it wasn’t doin’ me OR you any favors. Let’s face it: I’m vain as hell. I love talking about myself and how pretty I am. I just do. And quite frankly, there is no other outlet in the world besides my own blog that would let me brag about how good my hair is on a daily basis. Having my own little place on the web to talk about beauty any way I want feeds my soul.

Obviously, this is my site’s way of crying for help. I hadn’t been paying much attention to it, and really, this call for attention played out like a suicide note: “By the time you read this, I will be gone, having jumped plummeted off the Winter River Bridge.”

With all that said, I’ll still be updating a few times a week, and will let you know when all the former content is restored. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or creep me on Instagram.



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