Glam Jamz: A Musical Love Letter from Jillian Mapes

posted by brenbren on 10/07/2014

If it were up to me, I’d listen to Shake It Off all day, but dancing to Taylor Swift alone in my bedroom gets old pretty fast. Well, it actually never gets old, because I LOVE THAT SONG, but a few of my friends were really starting to worry. So I guess the music I listen to isn’t always up to me. Hmph.

Luckily, there’s always room for a new soundtrack to compliment my latest breakdown/obsession/identity crisis, and I’ve been torn away from listening to Tay Swift on repeat by this awesome new playlist from Jillian Mapes. Jillian is the Music Editor at Flavorwire and has an awesome perspective on music (I love a babe who doesn’t shy away from pop music). Sooo I bribed her with lipstick and glitter to create this GlamJamz for me, and the result is an hour-and-a-half of music that makes me want to ignore cute boys and drink pink champagne – totally different from my normal daily routine, obvs. Jill told me she was actually getting ready for a date when she was curating this list, which makes me giggle every time Sia’s “Chandelier” plays (typical first date behavior), but I like to this of this as more of a love letter to me.

You can (and should!) follow Jillian on Twitter for music news and insight and tweets that will lead you to really amazing posts like this one, the 50 Greatest Crush Songs Ever. Just try not to sweat the fact that a boy has never put any of those songs on a mixtape for you… Dammit.

I Just Became a Red Lipstick Convert – and You Can Too With this Urban Decay Giveaway

posted by brenbren on 09/24/2014

All good things must come to an end.

Isn’t that the most bullshit thing you’ve ever heard? Isn’t it also the truest? All good things, even those with the purest and most innocent of intentions – such as the one between hot pink lipstick and myself – eventually find their end.

After years and years of wearing absolutely nothing but various shades of hot pink, neon pink, coral pink, and bright pink on my lips, all which look absolutely amazing on me and never let me down, I’ve left them to have a torrid affair with that old power glamour shade: red.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: who DOESN’T wear red lipstick?

Well, I don’t. Or rather, I didn’t.

Mrs. Mia Wallace, sourced from

Good things, much like general history and my sideswept bangs, are cyclical. Before I became a pink lipstick snob, I’d had my way with a red lipstick or two. It only makes sense that I would eventually fall in love with a red lipstick again, and naturally, it would be at the hands of the brand that did me in the first time: Urban Decay.

don’t stop, baby, keep reading…

Karen O’s Crush Songs Are Repairing My Heart

posted by brenbren on 09/08/2014

Love is soft. Love’s a fucking bitch.

Tell me about, Karen O.

I love love. Absolutely love it. Everyone does, that’s why everyone’s looking for something like it on Tinder, in bars, across the classroom, in line at Starbucks. Now, I’m not big on publicly talking about my love life – hell, I barely disclose details to even my closest friends – and writing through it on a beauty/lifestyle blog just seems misplaced. However, my love life recently went through a huge shake up. I’m reticent to refer to it as a breakup, because that’s not what it was. It was more like an unwanted lifestyle change, and the consequences are akin to withdrawal symptoms from a drug; more specifically, a drug I don’t want to stop doing.

don’t stop, baby, keep reading…

OMG, My Site Totally Killed Itself.

posted by brenbren on 08/26/2014

Okay, okay, so I know you’re probably thinking, “Am I being punk’d? What is this basic bitch WordPress template I’m looking at?! Where did Bren’s site go? It was just here a minute month ago.”


In early August, tragedy struck: my blog killed itself. My server was down for a couple of days, and during this time, the database accidentally purged itself. I tried restoring it a couple of times to no avail – it was nowhere to be found, and the only backup I have is like a year old and on my laptop… you know, the one on the floor in the corner of my bedroom that hasn’t turned on in over a month.

Never let it be said that I do things half-assed, ’cause if I’m gonna fuck shit up, I am going to Fuck. Shit. Up.

When I realized that all was lost, I prepared myself for a Level 10 Freakout. I canceled all plans, applied waterproof mascara, and made myself a stiff drink.

The flip-out never came. In fact, I was taken over by an eerie calm. I thought it was the calm before the storm until I had this thought: “I’m sure there’s a way to recover this, but I’m not that tech savvy and quite frankly, I just don’t care.”

That thought didn’t freak me out, but it did set off alarm bells in my head. I started freaking out that I wasn’t freaking out. My blog is/was/has been one of my top accomplishments. How in the hell could I not care that I had just lost it all? To put it in perspective: I’ve been (beauty) blogging since 2008. I started by guest-posting and writing for other sites before launching my own site, So Much Pretty, in 2009 (I changed the name to OMG, Bren! in 2012 because of the oft-heard reaction to my posts: “Oh my god, Bren! I can’t believe you just said that…”). This blog has served as my online identity, my portfolio, my diary, my baby, and my safe place.

HOW COULD I NOT CARE?!!? How could I just be all like, “KANYE SHRUG!!!!” and walk away? Because that is what I was ready to do. I hadn’t updated it in six months, all of my assets were gone, and I wasn’t really sad. So why not just call it a day and focus on my freelance career? The beauty blogging landscape has changed so much since I’ve started anyway that even the idea of re-entering it just exhausts me.

Following this tragedy, a series of fortunate events happened that convinced me to keep OMG, Bren! alive and looking as good as I do:

1: I remembered that I’m halfway in the middle of a new site design that’s already paid for. Hell hath no fury like something that fucks with my money. Ditching this would be a total waste of money. That’s money that could have been well-spent on buying other pretty things, like the Limited Edition Makeup For Ever 30-30 Artist Palette that I would definitely probably maybe murder for.

2: Someone offered to buy my URL, and not for a bullshit amount of money. I got a little terrified at the idea of someone taking “OMGBREN” away from me (as this is my name on ALL social media channels). What would they do with it? My FIRST NAME IS IN IT. No way. It’s mine, and you can’t have it. So I might as well use it.

3: I met a distant friend’s mom for the first time, and the first thing she said to me was “I love your blog!” She went on to detail some of her more favorite posts, and that she was a huge fan of the way I write. Babes, I live for this shit. Between the current landscape of tween beauty gurus reigning supreme and working in the editorial world where my writing is constantly edited and toned down for “mass appeal,” having a 55 y/o woman praise my expletive-laden writing makes me glow.

Besides, let’s face it: I’m vain as hell. I love talking about myself and how pretty I am. I just do. And quite frankly, there is no other outlet in the world besides my own blog that would let me brag about how good my hair is on a daily basis. Having my own little place on the web to talk about beauty any way I want feeds my soul.

Losing years of data sucked, but it’s no one’s fault but my own and it was obviously my site’s way of crying for help. I hadn’t updated it in over 6 months, and this call for attention played out like a suicide note: “By the time you read this, I will be gone, having jumped plummeted off the Winter River Bridge.”

With all that said, OMG, Bren! will be back sometime mid-September. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or creep me on Instagram. However, if I were you, I would DEFINITELY sign up for the newsletter. Good things happen there that don’t happen here. KNOW WHAT I MEAN? HINT HINT makeup WINK WINK giveaways NUDGE NUDGE.


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