On Repeat: Florence and The Machine, “What Kind Of Man”

I always forget that I absolutely adore Florence + the Machine until someone forces me to listen to them. This is probably because all their music takes me straight into RELATIONSHIP MEMORY LANE – it always inspires some heavy feelings in me, and usually I try to avoid that. “What Kind of Man.” the first single from their new album, is no different, but ughhhh I can’t stop listening to it! When it comes on the radio I’m like, OH GOD FLORENCE BABY I FEEL YOU, I BEEN THERE, WHAT KIND OF FUCKING ASSHOLE MAN DOES THIS?!?

All the hot ones, duh.

Sidebar: I can’t help but hear the opening line as “I was on a heavy dick” (She’s actually saying she was on a “heavy tip.” I’ll have to check with all the lonely Starbucks lovers on this).

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02/28/2015 · 5:50 pm

OMG, Bren! Turns 3 (with an Urban Decay Giveaway to Celebrate)!

I specifically remember the moment I decided to start my own beauty blog. It was February 2009, and I was sitting on my then-boyfriend’s bed with my laptop in front of me, miserable and unhappy. I was recovering from a surgery, I was suffering from debilitating panic attacks, and I had just reached the 8-month mark of unemployment. I was also extremely ornery because Valentine’s Day had just passed and my then-boyfriend had refused to put out.

I was watching an SVU marathon on TV, avoiding my laptop because I didn’t feel like looking for a job that day. That had taken up most of my days for months, and I was exhausted. I was also bored, frustrated, broke, riddled with anxiety, and tired of feeling that way. My relationship was failing, my career had halted, and I had gained nearly 50lbs from eating my emotions. I was in a dark, dark place.

That situation is a recipe for disaster. For a while, it was. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do something.

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Glam Jamz: Theo Kogan, HBIC at Armour Beauty

Photo Credit: Ellen Stagg

Theo Kogan is woman I wanted to be when I was a teenager – and the woman I still want to be when I grow up. She’s got that look: the high cheekbones, incredible hair, strong eyeliner game, and a penchant for overabusing glitter that I adore. She’s somehow managed to strike a perfect balance of old Hollywood glamour and 1970s punk and I have been living for her awesome looks for years.
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Pop Physique Changed My Life

Let me ask you a question. What do you do when you’re laying on your parents’ couch pissed off about something or other and maybe kinda hungover, nothing to do and nowhere to go, and you can actually feel the size of your ass expanding, but not in a good way? You know what I’m talking about: that slow spread of sloth taking over your body that can only be fixed with change and movement. I think it’s called “becoming a lazy ass.”

You could get up and go to the gym, I guess, but all I ever end up doing at the gym is running in place for an hour on the elliptical while wishing I was anywhere else. Going for an actual run is much more interesting, and it’s free! There’s only one small issue: I don’t run, not even if there’s an ice cream truck involved. It just doesn’t interest me.

Neither does being a lazy, churro-looking thing on my parents’ couch.

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Aussie & Shit Girls Say Think I’m Being Overly Dramz About My Hair

Remember a coupla years ago when Shit Girls Say broke the Internet? Well, it’s back… sorta (technically it never left, but that’s beside the point). Hair care brand Aussie recently teamed up with the series to create a video highlighting how weird girls are about their hair, and I am FEELIN’ it.

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02/01/2015 · 10:45 am

Bonne Bell Just Broke My Heart

Yesterday, my heart was smashed into a trillion little pieces. I found out that the makers of my beloved Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, Bonne Bell, are closing up shop in the US.

That’s right. The family-owned company, which has been around since 1927 (damn son), is closing their manufacturing and distribution plant in Ohio.

Now, if you’re like me and buy one or five Dr. Pepper and assorted other flavors of Lip Smackers every time you’re at Target, you may have noticed a recent lack of stock. I definitely did, but I just figured that someone else had pillaged the endcap before I did. I was wrong – turns out there was a storm a’brewin’.
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On Repeat: Hanni El Khatib, “Moonlight”

I first discovered Hanni El Khatib when my friend Cristina Black mentioned she was interviewing him for LA Weekly a coupla years ago. I hadn’t heard any of his music at that point, but one glance at his photo and I immediately thought he looked some type of hipster cholo: cool, badass, a little scary, a little aloof.

Fast forward two years and dude’s got a new album out now that I am soooo into. It’s bluesy rock n’ roll infused with indie sensibilities. I love his voice, which kinda reminds me of Axl Rose – especially on my current favorite track, “Melt Me.” But really, when it comes down to it, he’s got a vibe that makes me think he’s so much cooler than I am, and that’s what makes me listen to his songs. If given the chance, I would love to hang with him. Preferably, we’d talk about hair products and cruise around in a Chevy Impala at night down Whittier Boulevard while making bitches jealous.

Here’s the video for his new single, “Moonlight”. Watch for the nail polish scene, in which he steals my heart because, duh, nail polish.

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01/21/2015 · 1:25 pm