My name is Bren Gomez, and I’m the babe behind the blog you’re currently reading. I was born in Los Angeles, where I still live, work, and play with makeup. Occasionally, I work as a freelance writer and have been published in NYLON, Refinery29, HelloGiggles, LAist, and more. You may view my portfolio here. I also founded and manage Beauty Piñata, an English-language beauty website for Latinas/Latinx.

I’ve been talking about beauty since before I can remember and blogging about it since at least 2008. That’s a ton of talk about lipstick and as such, I transitioned my former beauty blog to OMG, BREN! in 2013, expanding my coverage beyond beauty to include personal anecdotes, my favorite workouts, what song I love so much that I’m starting to hate it, donuts, what my nails look like, and basically anything and everything I like (or don’t). It might be a little self-absorbed, but let’s be real, the very idea of having a personal blog is little self-absorbed.

Speaking of self-absorbed, here are some fun facts about my blog:
♥ That is my actual lip print in my logo because having a #personalbrand is everything, you know?
♥ The name “OMG, Bren!” was born in reference to the common response my blog posts garnered from people: “Oh my God, Bren!”

If you are a brand, designer, or agent interested in collaboration, partnership, or sponsored content, you may contact me directly at bren[@]omgbren.com.

Sups cute GIF by Sara M. Lyons